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Freedom – United World Peace

Freedom - United World Peace


When you have the ability to do something, the capacity to do it, then you are free.  You only have the capacity to express global unity when you are freed by the realization of your true essence and thus all other human beings.  Freedom is seeing humanity as one thing; it not the false idea of different groups “becoming one.”  Oneness means “one thing” not several things struggling to become one.  The beginning of freedom is the ending of racial identification.  You see your culture and superficial physical attributes, or race.  You see it.  Therefore, you are not it, for if you see it, then it is not you.  You are the seeing aspect, or human awareness.

Global unity is the freedom to express your realization or deep understanding of your essential sameness to all humans.  Your true identity is the one truth of humankind that dispels the myriad false identities of the mind.  Racial discord will never just drift away as long as you are tethered to racial identification.  If you are caught in racial and national identification, you are part of the problem of racial conflict.  You are not free.

Freedom arises when you disassociate from the idea of race.  When you let go of what is unimportant and meaningless, it is effortlessly put aside and discarded.  If you are not intelligent enough to bring racial identity to a total ending within your own psychological nature and structure, then you do not want to be free.  By being aware of your own race-based conditioning, you can see your relationship to instances of racial discord all over the world.  The very thought, “I am orange” is the essence of racism and its racial discord.  You see that you ARE the racial discord; it does not exist apart or separate from what you have identified with.  Does racial identity exist at all, except as an idea?  If you see the danger of it and all the trouble that it demands and inevitably brings, you cease to live in this trap.  Racial identity and racial discord go hand in hand; one cannot exist without the other.

Why do you attach so much importance to the idea of race or culture, with its identification and defensiveness?  If you are certain of your identity as a thing belonging to a race, nation or culture, then you are not free.  

Book Description

Freedom: United World Peace is Book 6 in The Message of Global Unity Series.

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This is a book about freedom, freedom in the truest sense, freedom on all levels of being.  With Freedom, Brian Scott Baskins brings you teachings for looking directly at the nature of the mind and body, at how racial and national discord is created, and how we can awaken and be free to live in Oneness. 

The benefits of mindful meditation on stress management are due to the benefits of learning how to respond rather than react to daily experiences with two basic approaches:  applying mindfulness to promote optimal experience, and to minimize harmful ones. This book encourages the sense of freedom that comes with recognizing thoughts and feelings as conditioned mental events, rather than aspects of a permanent identity, and with breaking free from the mental patterns that hold us back from embodying Oneness to the fullest.

Baskins encourages readers to let go of their egos and to release habitual thinking that restrain and progress from that constricted point of view toward one that embraces love, forgiveness and compassion toward everyone.

In this book, you’ll learn how to:

Remove barriers to oneness and move in the right direction

Move out of the past and into the here and now

Let go and live in oneness

Keep racial and national identification from hindering communication

Understand the role of consciousness and perception in psychological liberation and spiritual freedom.

Freedom to unite means moving from a consciousness of many races and nationalities to one of unity.  Freedom from the illusion of separation merges you into an inseparable, unitary whole. You are then in a joyous human family eager to help and support each other.

By being mindful of our actions and words, Baskins suggests we can recognize old patterns that hold us captive–that make us fearful, judgmental and ignorant–to find the bigger, brighter picture of the universe that awaits us. Mindfulness is the first and essential step to support the reader’s journey of mind, body and spirit. Once the beneficial habit of mindful meditation is in place, Baskins reminds us that we may encounter a realization of oneness that allows deeper insight into the true nature of appearances.

Using Baskins’s advice, readers of all ages can gain an awareness of the joy inherent in a globally unifying identity.   His calming and illuminating prose aims to bring a sense of liberation to readers’ lives and open their minds to a world full of love, laughter and peace, so they can live with empathy and intelligence, surrounded by truth.

If you enjoy reading James Redfield, Carlos Castaneda and Kahil Gibran, then this book is for you.

Read this book and experience freedom from the illusion of separation that is the ability to unite.  Baskins’s observations are intended to examine inward blocks and challenges, identify their origins, and alter unquestioned belief systems to forge healthier patterns of behavior. Hindrances that reside within must be addressed in order to experience the greatest release and forward movement and he provides concrete suggestions for targeting these areas.

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