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Race Relations: Self-Help World Peace

Race Relations Self-Help World Peace


A focus on supremacy, dominance, governmental interference, or diversity is merely spinning one’s wheels on the effects. True change comes with the focus on the cause, which is not being understood, the false sensation of self that arises where there is identification with the idea of race. Pursuing global unity through political or governmental efforts is doomed to failure, as the focus is on the effects of racial discord and not the cause. It is like chasing a dream, or holding on to a delusion while the truth slips right through your hands. Racial discord often manifests as a rivalry for power, whether political, economic or social with an exaggerated distrust of other so-called groups. Once you are free of the anchor or source of racial discord, then the feeling of distrust drifts away. One must look at the root, and see the inward psychological structure of racial discord.


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Race Relations Self-Help World Peace is Book 10 in The Message of Global Unity Series. This book takes an inspired look at the role of government interference in racial issues of our time through political and legislative activities. With edgy, irreverent comments, there are no sacred topics here.

When there is the realization of Oneness, there is no need for the duties and rights of legislation. When you love humanity as a whole, you do not dominate individuals and organizations with burdensome laws. When there is the realization of Oneness, duty disappears. Statutes, regulations and legislation cannot solve psychological problems. Reality is constant change. It is time to change what you consider “you” and let racial and national identification be nothing more than a fetish for the foolish few. It is quite ironic that racial and national identification is reified as an immutable and unchanging human quality, rather than a human conceptual creation that we then attach the concept of self to. This book helps improve the situation and offers a solution to the problem.

The evidence of a uniting identity is only overwhelming to those who see it, and even then, not all of them understand it. “You must have a nationality or race” has had centuries to cement itself in the conditioned mind. These embedded assumptions are difficult to change. People would rather reject the message than accept that their pre-conceptions are inaccurate.

Baskins says, “To ignore the psychological is to ignore the root cause of things. The freedom of Oneness hinges on understanding the psychological cause as the illusion of separation. Reality is a spiritual household of oneness that is always undivided. Now it is time to put the historical effects of false thinking and conditioned beliefs behind us and realize our single family in consciousness. Consciousness is the bridge connecting us all. Humanity is not a bunch of disconnected groups. It is one thing, in and of its essential nature, completely consciousness. We must develop a new understanding of what we are, centered on the realization of oneness with all others.” Baskins’s writings address how to do so by embracing intelligence and empathy rather than fear and anger–and by letting your heart’s realization guide you into an authentic way of being.

If you enjoy reading Mooji, Rumi, and Paul Selig, then this book is for you.

Read this book and examine your own heart and mind. Instead of allowing your conditioning to react in the habitual pattern and unconscious way, use these principles to dissolve any factors of discord within you and feel elevated by a new experience of collective consciousness.

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