Brian Scott Baskins

The Message of Global Unity


Why are there twelve books in the series?

The Message of Global Unity Series is twelve-book variety of presentations about how to understand and solve the problem of bringing about a lasting world peace. This mixed portfolio comes in a variety of lengths where the information dictates how long the book wants to be and gives readers the ability to purchase only what they most appreciate. The books have an inspired look at some of the stubborn issues of our time including race relations, racial and national identity, and juvenile crime. With edgy, irreverent comments, there are no sacred topics in this triumph of both style and substance. The spirit of these books is positive and forward-looking, focusing on lessons learned, rather than dwelling on historical negativity, so please read with this in mind.

Why are your ebooks priced at $3.99?

Non-fiction books are generally priced higher than genre fiction. These books are priced fair to recoup production costs, a necessity to bring the capital to invest in the production of more books.

To readers, the books’ density and seriousness feel substantial enough to be satisfying. The density of the writing style requires readers have the mental capacity and reading comprehension to grasp Oneness Principles of World Peace. The remaining two will be published in early 2016.

Ebooks are priced to give the publisher the chance to recoup their investment and in turn have the author make fair earnings.

Why should I get involved in this?

With your participation we can awaken more of the world’s population to the understanding that we are all connected, that we are all One. Increasingly inspired by our interconnectedness, we believe we can together nurture a passion for planetary service and an elevated sense of priority and responsibility that accompany this. Through your efforts, and those of like-minded organizations, this transformation has already begun!

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