Brian Scott Baskins

The Message of Global Unity


 “After all…life is what? One global unity movement. So, in the same way… our consciousness is common to all mankind. Now, if I radically change, surely it affects the rest of the consciousness of man.”

–Jiddu Krishnamurti

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I enjoyed reading “Oneness – Principles of World Peace.” This is a very informative and humanitarian narrative aimed at achieving global unity and breaking down the unnecessary barriers of racial identity. Kudos to author and “The Messenger” Brian Scott Baskins in defining and making logical sense of this very timely and eye opening epiphany in today’s world of war, civil unrest and political indifference; further complicated by false racial pride and mostly negative assumptions based on race. Discovering and comprehending this urgent message of global unity frees us of these illusory, often divisive stigmas that have become the litmus in categorizing and determining one’s character and assumed reactions. I would like to see this book written more plainly to incorporate younger and less sophisticated readers to further spread this message of global unity and vehicle to world peace.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I can’t stress enough the importance of each individual who reads this book, to share it with others. Most of us share on social networks (like Facebook) countless small talks and silly information to make the time pass. Nothing wrong with that. But if we also share this book and/or the information contained in it, we may, after all, make it as a species and thrive.