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The Message of Global Unity

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The Message of Global Unity

The Message of Global Unity utilizes the exuberant, declarative narrative voice of the messenger of global unity. This twelve ebook series is a personal story of the messenger’s philosophical journey clearly depicting the movement from racial and national identification towards the realization of global unity. The messenger applies a cogent teaching of tenets on global unity and includes vibrant stories that illustrate principles of metaphysics and transpersonal spirituality. The messenger helps readers address the philosophical and psychological challenges humanity faces in establishing global unity. The messenger also sets forth innovative insights that facilitate honest dialogue about the catastrophic collision at the intersection of race and nationalism. The messenger reveals that the key to global unity is through the self-knowledge that transcends identification with ideas of race and nationality.


To advance the interests of the global unity industry through advocacy, communications and education.


The leading advocate and essential partner for peacemakers; the passionate voice of global unity to industry stakeholders.


The Message of Global Unity is a twelve ebook thematic series. This Mind Body Spirit inspirational non-fiction series is for every reader who wants to take charge of establishing global unity upon the planet in an efficient and incredibly effective individual way. Its twelve ebooks address fundamental issues such as freedom, stereotypes, mindfulness, conditioning and offer practical steps for the reader to immediately begin demonstrating global unity in their daily lives. The series illuminates human awareness by taking a wonderfully profound look at the inward factors which divide humanity.

Sneak Peek

Oneness – Principles of World Peace

Oneness Principles of World Peace is Book 1 in The Message of Global Unity Series.  Come, realize “I am what you are” truly evokes the purest form of oneness.  Racial conflict and war are twin villains intent on destroying the whole world.  Feel the heroic suspense as the Messenger takes a thoughtful stab getting to the heart of the villains of racial discord and national conflict.  Readers get the satisfying experience of holding the dagger that slays the villains of racial and national thinking and values.  These villains are the real causes of the many horrid symptoms of racial discord and national conflict going on in the world.  Readers behold racial conflict decline and a sense of separation die.

The enticing aspect of Oneness Principles of World Peace is that every reader can actively participate in world peace right now.  The ebooks are comprised of insights that must be personally applied in life in order to enter the ever-available dimension of global unity.  Do what is necessary and it shall make a difference.  Oneness Principles of World Peace establishes a direct partnership between the reader and everyone on the planet for working together to successfully address the many problems created by racial and national identification.  Once readers have finished these ebooks, they will realize that global unity can be immediately accessed by anyone seriously interested in it.  Through this abiding interest, the reader is free to forge a unity that is the foundation for real change upon the planet.

Open mindedness is the only thing that can prepare you for what awaits you:  a heartwarming affirmation of global oneness.  Once you enter the complex maze of racial and national identity there are no road signs to keep you from zigzagging and further straying from reality’s exit.  Readers receive tips for navigating the maze through six principles of mindfulness.  Baskins packs a lot of information and inspirational ideas into Oneness Principles of World Peace. Illuminating, enlightening, and uplifting topics include the principles from self-knowledge, monitoring conditioning, freedom, realization, to understanding racial conflict in a whole new way and the reader’s individual expression of global unity.   Oneness Principles of World Peace makes you feel something:  happy, angry, sad, or just a little bit closer to your fellow human beings.  Go deeper into oneness, understand oneness on different levels and continue to better your life with these enlightening and inspiring principles.

Written in a scholarly voice and thoughtful tone, this Mind Body Spirit philosophy book advises that world peace is in plain sight through the reader’s glimpse of the essential nature already uniting humanity.  This is a persuasive book pointing out that you only gain access to world peace through mindfulness in the moment.  Receive your realization that immediately admits you into the dimension of global unity and a truly free global society founded on world peace.

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