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The Message of Global Unity

Happy Global Oneness Day!

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Happy Global Oneness Day!


As awakening humans are coming to see, all the conflicts and vexing issues of our times -political, economic, ecological, personal and spiritual. We can trace these problems to one misperception: the illusion of separation.  Veils are lifting, and the ideal grows closer to becoming the real deal.  We have a choice as to which signal we tune into as conscious human beings.


Celebrating Global Oneness Day together is our opportunity to create a world that is life-enhancing, life-supporting and life-sustaining, but we must act in unison if we are to be successful. Just as Earth Day called attention to the environment, Global Oneness Day is drawing attention to our Oneness with Spirit, each other and all of Life.


Global Oneness Day is a day for us to move towards wholeness- both within ourselves, and together with all of humanity.  There is power in numbers and creating shared intentions. Coming together with a shared intention can have profound impacts on our lives, our communities, and our universe. People coming together with one common intention–to turn around the rising tide of disconnection and, through renewed empathy and love, reconnect to what truly matters. The idea is to plant seeds—big or small—for a better world. As events in our world continue to bring us together, both in inspiration and in sorrow, there has never been a more crucial time to cultivate compassion and to remember the truth that we are all one.


Join Global Oneness Day and hear thought-provoking discussion about our common bond, our Oneness with the Divine and all of life. Enjoy visions for how we will organize in the emerging future, evolving a better, brighter sunlit day for everyone.  Be part of consciousness and help transform our planet and the way we live.  Help make a critical difference.


The entire free program is available in free video broadcast at


Thanks in advance for joining me, and for supporting us in making a critical difference. ☮️  ✒️  ✌🏽   🧘🏽‍♂️  ✍🏽  🌍  🕊️  😌 ☮️


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Author: Brian Scott Baskins

Born on the Southside of Chicago, Brian Scott Baskins is a philosophy author who was educated at Howard University in Washington, DC. In completing the twelve book series, The Message of Global Unity, Baskins’s life-long devotion to writing calls upon the creative insights granted by his parents’ extensive involvement in mindful nondualism and transpersonal metaphysics. These childhood experiences granted him the insight that he uses to understand and apply principles of world peace. He learned about oneness and global unity through consciousness at his father’s knee. Dr. Lewis C. Baskins has been an Oneness teacher and public speaker since Brian was thirteen years old. But in the end, Brian had to do mindfulness for the insight and self-knowledge to realize global unity. Baskins’s teaching is simple. He helps people discover what they really are, their true essential non-dual nature beyond all descriptions and labels about themselves. He believes that world peace is everybody’s birthright.

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