Brian Scott Baskins

The Message of Global Unity

Oneness and Peace in 2018

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As we shift into the New Year, please join a global wave of meditation for peace.  With millions united together in meditation or an end to militarism, materialism, violence and war, and the beginning of a new era of peaceful coexistence for humanity. To cherish all LIFE, to care for one another and this fragile beautiful Earth, our home.

World spiritual traditions and leaders have been encouraging us to do this for over 2000 years. If not NOW, when? If not us, then who will dance this dream into reality?

Let us meditate for children and their families suffering now in war zones around the world; for Mother Nature and our future descendants who are depending on humanity to become wiser and more compassionate as a species.

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

Won’t you join me?

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Author: Brian Scott Baskins

Born on the Southside of Chicago, Brian Scott Baskins is a philosophy author who was educated at Howard University in Washington, DC. In completing the twelve book series, The Message of Global Unity, Baskins’s life-long devotion to writing calls upon the creative insights granted by his parents’ extensive involvement in mindful nondualism and transpersonal metaphysics. These childhood experiences granted him the insight that he uses to understand and apply principles of world peace. He learned about oneness and global unity through consciousness at his father’s knee. Dr. Lewis C. Baskins has been an Oneness teacher and public speaker since Brian was thirteen years old. But in the end, Brian had to do mindfulness for the insight and self-knowledge to realize global unity. Baskins’s teaching is simple. He helps people discover what they really are, their true essential non-dual nature beyond all descriptions and labels about themselves. He believes that world peace is everybody’s birthright.

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