Brian Scott Baskins

The Message of Global Unity

A Mindful Humanity: Welcome to Oneness

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Racists come in every human color.   A racist is a human being that believes in and identifies with the idea of race. If you think that you or another human being has or is of a race, then you are a racist. Racism will not end until the psychological dependence on the idea of race is clearly seen as illusory and absurd.  The idea of a race is nothing more than a belief imposed by society.  Everything else is an effect of belief in that idea.  You cannot end racism without seeing the falseness of the idea of race.  Humanity has one race, the human race.

The Mindfulness Movement is uniquely geared for this pivotal time in human history because the unity of mankind is now possible.  Rectifying economic, social and institutional inequity only addresses the effects and symptoms of racism, not the inward psychological causes.  Once we learn the psychological causes of the past we can make sure those causes are not within our own minds and hearts.  This is true freedom.  The oneness of mindfulness is not a matter of agreement or disagreement. It comes into being when an individual understands humanity’s true nature as consciousness. This human awareness is the one thing we all have in common.   Now is the time to give up psychological positions of all kinds that cause people to take separate sides. Let’s move linked together to a new level of global unity — for that is just what we are; one planet, one world, one human family of diversity, beauty and splendor.

The world today has advanced materially in science, technology, transportation and communication, connecting our world as never before. But the world needs to advance psychologically and grow to see ourselves as one race — the human race — sharing one collective global village. The word atonement derives from “at one ment”; in a state of returning to our essential being of oneness with all in the universe. There is only one race, the human race. 100% human, each and every one.   When the idea of race no longer dwells in an individual’s heart and thinking, then that person is truly free of racism. The freedom of oneness and global unity is a society of such free individuals. World peace is a natural consequence.

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Author: Brian Scott Baskins

Born on the Southside of Chicago, Brian Scott Baskins is a philosophy author who was educated at Howard University in Washington, DC. In completing the twelve book series, The Message of Global Unity, Baskins’s life-long devotion to writing calls upon the creative insights granted by his parents’ extensive involvement in mindful nondualism and transpersonal metaphysics. These childhood experiences granted him the insight that he uses to understand and apply principles of world peace. He learned about oneness and global unity through consciousness at his father’s knee. Dr. Lewis C. Baskins has been an Oneness teacher and public speaker since Brian was thirteen years old. But in the end, Brian had to do mindfulness for the insight and self-knowledge to realize global unity. Baskins’s teaching is simple. He helps people discover what they really are, their true essential non-dual nature beyond all descriptions and labels about themselves. He believes that world peace is everybody’s birthright.

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